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Monday, July 15, 2024
The Secure Channel

Web services are the next step in using the Internet to integrate businesses. It has never been easier to share data and collaborate in real-time.  Take advantage of this technology by installing the only Web service system that offers the total solution.

Security - proven in the government-regulated industry of consumer credit history, SecureWebService™ is geared to provide uncompromising protection of your communication channel.  Protocol unspecific - as the standards and proprietary issues surrounding open-communication are resolved, businesses need a solution that is flexible. SecureWebService™ supports all current protocols and is easily expandable for future standards.

Simple, Secure, Real-Time

SecureCreditServer allows secure, scalable, and reliable access to credit bureau data over internet connections.

By enabling web applications to access this data, SecureCreditServer ushers in a new era of credit-aware solutions that increase the effectiveness of Internet commerce. Most importantly, this capability is available with existing Internet infrastructure which lowers the cost of enabling this functionality.

Your Authentication Solution

User Authentication and management is critical in a successful Internet solution. SecureUser.net provides a fully interactive management system for tracking and authenticating users for your web site.

With its rich set of administration functions that are completely web based, SecureUser is the fastest, and easiest way to develop the most secure solution on the Internet. SecureUser.net is available in single and multiple (ASP) application variations.

Because Time is Money

Time and billing systems are a necessary evil of doing business. Legacy and makeshift solutions are not able to service today's remotely located workforce.

SecureTime.net leverages the power of the Internet to allow universal time entry. Includes SecureUser.net license.

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