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We have developed a framework of technologies, products, and services that allow developers to deploy robust, transactional applications with reduced resources.  Our implementation methods, honed through years of practical application, leverage proven Microsoft® technologies.

Microsoft .NET Framework
Exceptional tools are what we are all about. With the release of Microsoft's .NET Framework and accompanying Visual Studio product, developers have unprecedented power in building web-based applications and Web services.  mhe.net has fully embraced this technology and incorporated its capabilities into our methodology.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System
Normally when a company enters into a new market, the first step is awkward and problematic.  However, when Microsoft entered the Enterprise Solution Development space, it was more of a commercialization of internal development processes that were proven in hundreds of successful projects.  Visual Studio Team System combines the tools with the methodologies to dramatically increase the predictability of success in medium to large scale software development projects.

DotNetNuke Framework
DotNetNuke is an open source framework that is ideal for creating enterprise web applications focused on content management.  With extensive community and third-party developer support, DotNetNuke is the fastest growing portal technology that is revolutionizing the way websites are developed and maintained.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Data drives e-business.  XML provides a common language for communicating with other systems and increases interoperability with suppliers, vendors, and clients.  mhe.net is committed to this technology and its ability to further information communication.  Our products use this technology throughout and demonstrate our capability to implement advanced XML solutions.

XML Web Services
The ability to execute processes on remote computers via the HTTP protocol has fundamentally altered the nature of distributed application development.  mhe.net has embraced this technology as a foundation for the development of advanced, distributed applications.


Legacy Support

With the advent of SharePoint Services and DotNetNuke portal development systems, the usefulness of a custom developed solution is limited.  However, not all client environments can take advantage of traditional portal systems.  mhe.net offers a complete set of mature technologies that are geared toward our government and educational clients.

Application Service Provider (ASP) Framework
mhe.net has engineered a new breed of ASP components that provide unparalleled flexibility for ASP hosted systems.  Graphics, ActiveThemes®, and administrative settings are configured on an application basis.  By empowering administrators to customize these and other application specific settings, each user experiences a unique web site and the value of the true ASP is maximized.

ActiveThemesActiveThemes provides a new level of web site personalization.  mhe.net pioneered this technology to allow users and/or administrators to easily define and store color schemes for web applications.  Through a simple interface, users can modify the look and feel of the application similar to skins and templates.


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